Cancelling/Rescheduling Games

MYHA wants to avoid cancelling games at all cost as there are severe penalties imposed by the Valley Hockey League.

1. The cancelling team pays for both their sheet and the opponents game fees which is $544.00

2. The game counts as a forfeit unless it is rescheduled and played

3. Game are EXTREMELY hard to reschedule . as ice time is limited, it is a challenge to arrange refs, and there isn't an incentive for the team canceled on to reschedule.

4. Marblehead Youth Hockey does not pay for the refs and scorekeepers that are hired for a make-up game as it is already getting severely penalized.


The first step that a coach should do is think ahead. If  potential conflicts can be anticipated then actions to call-up qualified players can be arranged. When this proactive approach is taken, a game is rarely cancelled. When calling up players, VHL rules and regulations need to be maintained. The VHL matrix is listed below and a full list of rules can be seen by clicking on the link. Please note that "Call-up" rules vary between VHL, Mass Hockey tournaments, and other non VHL games and tournaments.

How To Cancel or Reschedule A Game

Step 1 Log Into VHL Account


Step 2- Click on Game Cancellation


Step 3- Choose Team


Step 4 Choose Game


Step 5 Cancel Details


Step 6 Dashboard-Registered Teams

registered Teams

Step 7 Contact VHL and Opponent to Reschedule

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