Why cant' I register for USA Hockey when I register for Tryouts?

USA Hockey registration does not open until April first and players need to register for MYHA by the end of March for tryouts.

Why is scheduling hockey such a challenge?

I will be the scheduler for the League this year and I am writing to offer parents and overview of how the scheduling will work and what should be expected for the season. This may be old news for some folks, but newer families to the league may need edification. My primary goal for the season is to keep weekday practices as consistent as possible so that families can plan their non-hockey lives.

When my daughter started in the league last year, I didn’t really understand why a hockey schedule was so nebulous. Hopefully some of the information included in this letter will help clarify things for new families.

Game schedules are released about every six weeks with a two-week bridge schedule in between. During the 6-week rounds, the league is trying to gain parity so that teams of similar caliber are playing each other. During the two-week bridge rounds, The Valley League Hockey schedulers align the teams appropriately for the next six-week round of parity. I receive these schedules about 10 days before games start so it is impossible for me to assign weekend practices until I get the game schedule. I begin working on the schedule the minute the VHL posts it. Week day practices are VERY consistent. Each team can expect to play 35 games.


Please reach out with any questions.

Shelly Bedrossian

League Administrator





How do I donate used equipment?

The League rents a storage shed in Marblehead to store used equipment. We welcome used equipment in good condition so that we can help offset the cost of hockey for families in need of new equipment. Please reach out to the equipment manager for donations or requests. Click on the Contact Us Page for contact information.

What are the gear requirements for the Learn To Skate Program?

USA Hockey and the insurance company for MYHA require that any player or parent on the ice must have an approved Hockey helmet. This means that skiing and bike helmets are not acceptable. 

Session 1

  • Helmet
  • Skates
  • Snow or hockey gloves
  • Snow pants or hockey pants and socks


As children progress to Whack A Puck then full hockey gear is needed. 


What is the team selection process?

The process consists of three steps. As of the 2020 season tryouts, MYHA contracts with an outside company to evaluate players of a two- day tryout. Each coach prepares a player evaluation which identifies, game ability, work ethic, skills level, and coach-ability. The selection committee looks at both evaluations when placement is made.

What happens if my player has the same number as a player on the same team?

If players have the same jersey number, the following procedures should be followed.

  1. Returning player gets to keep the number.
  2. If both players are new, then the player with the older birth year has the first option to keep the number.
  3. The player that is changing will need to contact The Marblehead Sports Shop to order and pay for a new Jersey. 
  4. There is a list of jersey numbers that can be provided by the coaches.
In which Leagues does Marblehead Youth Hockey Play ?

MYHA coed teams play in the Valley Hockey League and the hollyhocks play in The Middlesex Yankee Conference Girl's Hockey League.

Why is Marblehead Youth Hockey so reluctant to cancel games?

The team canceling a game has to pay $277 for their sheet of ice as well as for the team on which is being canceled. It is very difficult to reschedule games due to ice restrictions. MYHA will not pay for refs and scorekeepers for make-up games as it is incurring stiff penalties.

When are tryouts for Marblehead Youth Hockey?

Tryouts are typically held on the 3rd Monday and Tuesday in March at Lynn Connery Rink. When confirmed, they are posted on the League schedule.

What are State Playdowns?

State Playdowns is a state tournament that is during MLK weekend. It is sponsored by Mass Hockey vs VHL so participation rules are slightly different. MYHA pays for the first game of the tournament, however families will be charge for any Championship games which are played on Monday.