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Policy re: Parents on the ice

We will provide several dedicated adult coaches as well as designated JV hockey players from Marblehead High School helping as assistant coaches to provide instruction on the ice.

We invite parents to participate at any level, but mainly to encourage and prepare their participants to be ready to skate by 8:30 sharp:

  1. Helmets properly sized, with cages and chinguards snapped and secured
  2. Skates tightened properly – comfortably snug but not too tight (teach your kids to avoid walking on concrete)
  3. Equipment on and fitted.  While learning to skate participants will be encouraged  to drop to the ice with bodies making full contact with the ice surface. Therefore hockey style equipment is recommended to enhance your participants experience ( shin guards, elbow pads, chest protectors etc)
  4. Parents must also have properly fitted helmet when on the ice.