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The Ice is ready and we have some fantastic news!  In honor of our continued efforts to grow the strength of our girls' hockey program, we are happy to announce that starting this upcoming season, each girl on the U10 Minor, U10 Major, and the U12 teams will be supplied with a new Hollyhocks jersey!  These new jerseys are red and are from the same high-quality line as the new MYHA mixed-team jerseys.  The Hollyhock jerseys will have a distinct design that is different than the normal mixed-team jerseys that the girls have worn in the past, and we are excited about their new look.  (The jerseys will be collected at the end of the season as we intend to use them for years to come, so they will not be personalized with names.)  The purchase of these jerseys was made possible by the long-term grant to MYHA in the honor of Lynne Chandonnet; the auction in February 2014 of Easton sticks used by female Team USA players in the Olympics (generously donated by Easton and Kelly Dyer Hays); and MYHA (as part of its commitment to grow and promote girls hockey).   We are hoping to have one of these new jerseys on display before the girls' first game so they can get a look at them.  

In addition, the Marblehead Sports Shop will have red socks available to match the new red jerseys, and we are asking all the girls on the U10 major and U12 teams to purchase those socks in order to be in unison throughout the season.  These socks are optional for the U10 minor teams, as the U10 minor teams will not be participating  in league games.  

Please note, as mentioned in a prior email, the U10 major and the U12 girls will be playing in the Middlesex Yankee Girls Conference League with games starting sometime in September.  As the cost of ice has increased everywhere, the MYGCL is no different.  However, MYHA is happy to announce that we will be raising tuition only slightly to $375 (from $350 in 2013-2014) for the 15 regular season games and potential playoffs.  Your upcoming statements will reflect this.

We are currently identifying opportunities for the U10 minors.   In the past, the U10 minors have participated in cross-ice jamborees throughout the year, and we are looking for similar opportunities this year.  MYHA has not yet determined the fee associated with the U10 minor team.  

We are hoping you enjoy the jerseys as much as we do, and we cannot wait to get the season started.