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Hollyhock Mission Statement
To provide, promote and grow an all-girls hockey experience within MYHA. The program will strive to provide a fun and competitive program designed to develop hockey skills, sportsmanship, and team play to foster long-term athletic and social development.

Hollyhock Game Policy
To promote girls hockey and ensure predictable and regular participation in the Hollyhock program, it is the policy of MYHA to have a girl player play in a Hollyhock game whenever there is a conflict between the Hollyhock game and a MYHA mixed team game or practice.  This will ensure that the Hollyhocks have regular game participation and make the games more meaningful and competitive.   MYHA mixed teams are expected to coordinate with the Hollyhocks reasonably in advance of any conflict so that the MHYA mixed teams can call up players from other teams as necessary.   The Hollyhocks will work with the Middlesex Yankee Girls Hockey Conference to minimize game conflicts.  When there are conflicts between Hollyhock practices and MYHA mixed team practices, the Hollyhock player is free to select which practice to attend.   MYHA expects all coaches, parents, and players to honor this policy, and to make exceptions to this policy only in those rare instances in which a mixed team will be significant disadvantaged because of an insufficient number of players if a Hollyhock player does not attend.   MYHA will at all times strive the balance the goals of this policy with the needs of the various MYHA mixed teams, including the needs of the MYHA mixed teams to have sufficient number of players. This policy was approved unanimously by the MYHA Board of Directors on February 4, 2014.

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Middlesex Yankee Conference Girl's Hockey League: http://www.mycgl.com/ 

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