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What is now known as Marblehead Youth Hockey Association was formed in 1958 by Bud Orne and Collie Williams. Bud and Collie took a group of interested kids and used the bowling alley at the old YMCA on Pleasant Street and did just stick work. There was no ice the first season - just the bowling alley. Prior to this, Marblehead kids who wanted to play hockey had to play in programs outside of town.

The following season, 1959-1960, Bud and Collie got a little ice at the only rink around, the old Lynn Arena. There were a few practices on the ice but still mainly on-land. They couldn't play games or join a league as none of the kids had helmets. They couldn't afford them. The Marblehead Women’s Club, a charitable organization in town who raised money and handed out scholarships for local kids in need, stepped up and bought a dozen helmets for the kids so they could play games. Many of the kids had to share helmets the first couple of years as there weren’t enough!

When MYHA was formed, there was no little league, no youth football, and no town basketball league. There was a CYO basketball team but no town leagues for any sport but hockey.

Marblehead Youth Hockey was founded in 1958 in the basement of the Marblehead YMCA:



President Dates
Frank Hart 2014-2017
Scott Garfield 2012-2014
Bruce Woodfin 2006-2012
Bill Hughes 2004-2006
Sean Dempsey 2002-2004
Tom Kennedy 2000-2002
Rob Cohn 1998-2000
David Hamilton 1996-1998
Rob Tracey 1994-1996
Wayne Attridge 1985-1994
Ed Clifford 1983-1985
Ellis Woodfin 1977-1983
Norm Cressy 1975-1977
Phil Sweeney & Norm Cressy (Co-Presidents) 1974-1975
Jack Reilly 1974
Bud Orne 1958-1973