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MYHA Attendance Policy


Players are expected to attend all team practices and games.


Coaches take attendance and make special note of unexcused absences.  An example of an unexcused absence is when a player (or parent at Mite and Squirt level) does not contact the coach prior to practice to inform a coach that the player will not be at practice. It's not acceptable to just not show up at a team event.

 Excused absences include but are not limited to:


                        Educational (School/Homework)

                        Religious events

                        Extenuating family circumstances

Bantam & Midget level players are strongly encouraged to take responsibility for communicating absences to coaches.

The penalty for excessive unexcused absences, as determined by the program and/or the team coach, could result in reduced playing time, possibly a suspension or under extreme circumstances, removal from the program. MYHA promotes an experience where each player relies on the other, excessive absences even where notice is provided may require intervention.

At the coach’s discretion, failure to communicate an absence could result in the reduction of that individual's playing time in their next scheduled game.

Mite & Squirt: One to several shifts as determined by the coach

Peewee, Bantam & Midget: Up to one period for each occurrence as determined by the coach


Parents and players should be aware that player attendance is a component of the end of season player evaluation.  Parents and players should be aware that excessive unexcused absences could therefore affect their end of season player evaluation and ultimately their team placement for the following season.


In addition to this policy please note:

1.    It is expected that players should be ready to take the ice as soon as the Zamboni exits the ice surface.

2.    Parents are not allowed in the dressing room before or after games except as allowed by the team coach. (Mites parents are allowed in the locker room.)