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Session 1: 


October 6th - December 8th 

9:30 AM- 10:20 AM

Salem State University


This session will consist of MYHA coaches and Marblehead High School hockey student volunteers utilizing fun activities and games designed to have participants become more comfortable on the ice (falling, getting back up, balancing, etc.) while developing basic skating and hockey skills.

 Session One Equipment Requirements

  • Ice Skates

  • USA Hockey approved Helmet/Cage,

  • Hockey gloves/heavy skiing gloves to protect the hands.  

  • Shin guards and elbow pads a recommended

  • Snow pants are helpful for beginners.

  • Each player will be given a MYHA Jersey

****Parents are encouraged to participate with players on the ice. USA Hockey mandates

 that anyone on the ice wear a certifed hockey helmet.

  Session 2: 


December 15   February 23rd ( No 2/2) 

9:30 AM-10:20 AM

Salem State University


This session consists of 3 zones of activity.

 (1) The zone closest to the entrance will have participants new to the program who did not participate in session 1, as well as children who want to continue the Learn to Skate experience but are not quite ready to move on to more advanced activities.

(2) The Neutral zone will have MYHA coaches and or Marblehead High School Hockey student volunteers working with participants who are ready to progress to more advanced skating (edgework and small area games)

(3) The Zamboni zone will have a Cross Ice Hockey Game with 2 nets.


          Session Two Equipment Requirements

  • Hockey Skates

  • USA Hockey approved helmet with cage

  • Shoulder, chest, elbow, and shin pads

  • Male or female cup

  • Mouthguard

  • Hockey pants

  • Stick

****Parents are encouraged to participate with players on the ice. USA Hockey mandates that anyone on the ice wear a certified ice hockey helmet.******



Cost:                  $300.00 for session 1 and 2

                           $175.00 for a single session

     Each additional child is 1/2 price


Program Coordinators:


Alex Mundo grew up in Marblehead and participated in The MYHA program when he was younger .  He continued to play post the MYHA program for many years .He currently has two children in the program 

Paul Glasier is  a Maine native and former Southern Maine University All-Star. Paul has extensive coaching experience with all levels from LTS/WAP up to the Bantams. He has a niece and nephew in the program




Capacity:            Enrollment capacity is 75 participants


Registration is open and can be done at any time during a session. If you want to join mid-session, please email the programming coordinator to receive prorated tuition.



         Marblehead Youth Hockey

       PO Box 1426

Marblehead,MA 01945