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 A Legacy of  Excellence and Sportsmanship

What is now known as Marblehead Youth Hockey Association was formed in 1958 by Bud Orne and Collie Williams. Bud and Collie took a group of interested  kids and formed the first Town League in Marblehead. At that time; Little League, Football, or Basketball town teams did not exists. Prior to this time, kids that wanted to play hockey, did so out of town. As seen in the picture below, the first year the kids practiced stick handleing in the bowling alley at the old YMCA on Pleasant Street.


The following season, 1959-1960, Bud and Collie purchased ice time at the only ice rink in the area, The Old Lynn Arena. There were a few practices on the ice, but most of the work was done on land.  The team couldn't play games or join an official league as none of the kids had helmets nor could afford to purchase them. The Marblehead Women's Club, a charitable organization in town that raised money  to local kids in need, donated 12 helmets so they could play games. 


Marblehead Youth Hockey

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